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What is Las Vegas Chinese School (LVCS)

Since its opening in 1994, Las Vegas Chinese School (LVCS) has developed a name that has become synonymous as both an integrative Chinese cultural and language school and an elite Post-High School Preparatory Academy. 
For those students wishing to learn Chinese, LVCS offers a breath of language courses for both children aged 4-17 and adults. LVCS caters to all proficiency levels by providing different classes from your basic conversational courses to your more advanced courses in Mandarin Chinese. Besides offering language courses, LVCS also provides both children and adult Chinese Culture Enrichment classes which can include anything from Traditional Chinese brush painting, dance, and modeling classes to even courses specializing in computer animation. 
All LVCS Chinese Language instructors have post secondary degrees with many years of teaching experience or presently CCSD instructors.
For those wishing to excel in middle or high school, Las Vegas Chinese School can provide students with the classes and the instructors they need to succeed in class and for their future. With both Math and English enrichment classes as well as the teachings of highly-experienced university and high-school instructors, LVCS can help target your child’s needs to help better prepare them for the High School Proficiency Exam.     
For those students wishing to excel in the college preparation process, Las Vegas Chinese School is your number one stop destination for SAT test preparation in Vegas. With Mr. Roy Lee’s experience and unmatched record of successful students who have consistently scored into the nation’s most prestigious universities, Las Vegas Chinese School can help prepare your student for some of high schools most difficult standardized tests.
With a name that has been featured in some of Las Vegas’ top newspapers and news stations and a name that has called the attention of some of Las Vegas’ most prestigious high schools, Las Vegas Chinese School is quickly becoming the destination for Chinese language and High School SAT preparation in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Chinese School’s integrative approach to teaching the Chinese language partnered with the elite instruction we entrust in our teachers in our pre/post high school preparation programs are why we feel that LVCS is the destination for those wishing to get a head start in their high school career and for those wishing to get a grasp of the growing Chinese culture for the new generation of Americans.

Our Approach to Learning

Las Vegas Chinese School understands that learning a new language can be difficult. Especially by living in a country where people do not dominantly speak Chinese, it is often hard to keep up and be persistent in learning a new language. LVCS understands this which is why we at LVCS offer an integrative approach to learning and speaking Mandarin Chinese. Through the application of songs, easily recognizable flash cards, and textbooks including Chinese Traditional and Simplified characters offer both English and Chinese translations, we feel that our approach will be most efficient for each student.

Our Facilities

The Las Vegas Chinese School has a brand new 5,000 sq. ft. building exclusively dedicated to student and teacher use. Conveniently located near Chinatown, Las Vegas Chinese School has over a dozen classrooms complete with adjacent toddler restrooms for our preschoolers, a computer lab and a state of the art multipurpose room providing an exceptional collaborative learning environment.

School Policy

About Roy Lee

About Manny Bonotan


2013-2014 教師資歷Instructors Info

星期六上午班教師Instructors (Saturday Morning):

幼兒班 Kindergarten 王燕燕 Jessica Guliman
6-year experience, full time teacher at Las Vegas Chinese School

一年級 1st Grade 潘懷蓮 Judy Pan
10-year experience, currently teaching at Kay Carl Elementary School

二年級 2nd Grade 古念婷 Angela Lin
11-year experience, full time teacher at Las Vegas Chinese School

三年級 3rd Grade 雷玉婷 YuTing Louie
2-year experience, Math Major at UNLV

四年級 4rd Grade 韋小偉 Xiaowei Hunt
12-year experience, currently teaching at Clark High School

五年級 5th Grade 黎秀媚 Sophie Li
10-year experience, currently teaching at the Clark County School District

六年級 6th Grade 李麗萍 Li ping Li
15-year experience, University of Zhengzhou, Chinese Literature

七年級 7th Grade 李欣諺 Zyle Lee
1-year experience,Hotel Management at UNLV


英文教師English Instructors:
Ryan Tesar/ English Major Master at UNLV
Marlena Sarver/ English Instructor at Clark High School
Eric Endy/M.A. Speech Pathology/Audiology-Cal State LA/ M.B.A. - UNLV
Angelica Lai/ English Major at UCLA

數學教師Math Instructors:
Yikun Jiang/ Ph.D. Mathematics T.A. at UNLV
Joanne Wang/ Math Teacher at Eldorado High School
Alvin Chen/ B.S. Mechanical Engineering-UC Berkeley

英數助教English & Math Teaching Assistant:
Dena Yang /Public Health at UNLV
Joshua Chen/Ecology & Evolutionary Science at UNLV
Pei Wei Zhang/Architecture Major at University of Virginia

電腦教師 Computer Animation Design Instructors/Teaching Assistant:
Donald Wang/B.F.A.-California Institute of the Arts, Film/Video

國畫教師 Painting Instructors:
Gary Wu/ 1st place winner; Over the Rainbow Art Competition 2010

舞蹈音樂教師Dance & Music Instrument Instructors:
Yi Yan/ Beijing Dance Academy
CiCi Yan/ Xinghai Conservatory of Music

成人合唱團/Adult Choir Instructor:
Jane Bu/ Music Major-Northwest Normal University  

成人交際舞/Adult Ballroom dance Instructor:
Manny Bonotan/Registered Certified Ballroom Dance Teacher, National Dance Council of America Registration # NDCA1810.

中文教師 Chinese Instructors/ Tutors/ Substitutes:
Cherry Fan; Miya Zhang
(繼續招聘各科教師/ Teaching Position Opening of all Subjects


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